Discount with Teaching Card

Discount with a ITIC

The Teacher Identity Card provides you with free admission to museums and libraries, all owned by the public administration.

But: Haven’t you ever thought that the offer of the teaching card lacks fun and educational activities  in natural spaces?

You will find this offer at the Zoo of the Pyrenees. We invite you to visit the park with a 20% discount with the teacher card.

Why do we offer the teacher discount?

Environmental education is the cornerstone of our work. We believe that all people in Catalonia should know the animals of our country and that they should fight to improve the protection of the environment.

You, as teachers, have the ability to recommend our activity as an educational resource for students. That is why we invite you  to visit the Zoo of the Pyrenees enjoying a special offer.

We want you to get to know us first hand,  and see how we work. We are confident that you will recognize the high standard of our educational activities. And as a result, you will give your students the opportunity to participate in our wildlife workshops.

What activities can you participate in with the discount?

All teachers have a discount to the free flying birds of prey show.

All teachers have reduced entry to the following activities as long as they go properly  accredited with the Teacher Card.

However, the Zoo of the Pyrenees offers a wide range of other activities, as well. Unfortunately we cannot give you a special price for all of them, as they are exclusive experiences. If you want to know all the offer aimed at the general public, please consult the Visit the Zoo of the Pyrenees page.

How to apply the discount with the Teaching Card?

Please purchase your tickets with the Teaching Card discount online. This is how you secure your place in the activity(s) you want to do. If you come accompanied, you will have cheaper tickets than if you buy them directly at the ticket office.

  1. Click on the tab  Entries.
  2. Then choose the day you want to visit us.
  3. In the “Capacity control” first put the teachers who will come (adults). Once the capacity control is set, the activities are unlocked. (Remember, the park can be visited only accompanied by our guide.)
  4. Choose the activities you want to participate in and the time that suits you best.
    • Apply the discount code “Docent” in the bar below where it says “Discount Code”. The discount is applied automatically. Put the teachers entries in the cart and click “Continue shopping”.
  5. Now repeat the process for the rest of the people, but without applying the discount.
  6. Once you process the payment, you will receive confirmation via email.
  7. At the Zoo of the Pyrenees ticket office, you must show the purchase confirmation on your mobile phone and the Teacher’s Card to justify the discount.

Do you want to organize a trip for fellow teachers?

Free visit with a ITIC - International Teacher Identity Card

You can buy tickets on-line in the same way as disribed above for a family visit. Alternatively you can contact us and we will make the reservation for you. And afterwards we will send you the confirmation by email.

But don’t forget!
Once you arrive at the Zoo of the Pyrenees, you will have to show us the Teacher Identity Card  of all persones who have applied for free admission.

The favor we ask of you if you request the discount with the Teaching Card

Small aid that we ask from the teachers
Stania Kuspertova, founder of the Zoo of the Pyrenees

At the ticket office of the Zoo of the Pyrenees we will instruct you to fill out a short questionnaire. Among other things, we will ask you for information about the school where you work.

With your explicit permission, we will send our  school-oriented educational offer  directly to the email you provide.

See you soon!