10 Workshops with animals for schools

10 talleres para escuelas con animales

Workshops where children come into contact with protected animals of our country.

They will observe them, interact with them and understand the importance of environmental protection.

We are on a mission

We want all the children who live in Catalonia to know the wild animals of our country. Can you help us?

Only if we know the animals and create emotional bonds with them will we get involved in their protection.

At the Zoo of the Pyrenees we rescue wild animals. And it is precisely these victims of human action who participate in animal workshops for schools. Seeing, petting and feeding these animals awakens empathy in young people and makes them see the real need for the protection of the natural environment.

Its effect on classroom learning is very positive, as well. Teachers often encourage the interest of students in educational projects with the promise of participating in our workshops afterwards.

Animal workshops options for schools

Escuela visita Zoo de los Pirineos

Visit wildlife refuge

An extraordinary field trip that students will love, their parents will approve of and teachers will enjoy.

Zoo la a la escuela

The Zoo goes to School

Workshops with protected animals in the classrooms of educational centers throughout Catalonia.

Zoo goes to the Holiday camp

Students can enjoy encounters with wild animals during their stay at the holiday camp.

Age of the students

The activities are adapted to all educational levels. Each one has a different format according to the age, knowledge or specific needs of the students.

We adapt the activities to deepen a particular topic, if the teacher is working with students on a specific project.

Get to know our way of working.

Location of the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Environmental education is what gives meaning to our work.

We want you to get to know us first hand. We are sure that you will recognize the high level of our educational activities.

Consequently, we hope that you will recommend our workshops with wild animals to your educational center as a complementary activity to the lessons.

We are waiting for you at the Zoo of the Pyrenees! See you soon!

Opinion of educational centers about our workshops with animals for schools

Escola La Maquinista

“The children were delighted, some families even wrote to congratulate us on the activity. I thought it was all right. I also loved the way you provided the information and the 3 questions you asked once you had finished explaining it. Also how did you respond to the children’s questions? ”

Col·legi Jesús Maria Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

“We were very grateful and excited for all the classes. However we discussed the issue of time. Maybe it was a little longer and we felt sorry for you and the animals, as we had agreed on an hour per group. Regarding the animals and your explanations, everything was great. Thank you so much for the experience, we will definitely be back. ”

CEIP El Vinyet, Solsona

“… On the other hand, your adapted explanations, the way you treat animals and the respect they convey become very meaningful learnings which is what ends up being left in children. Thank you so much for your work! ”

St. George School Barcelona

Thank you so very much. We all had a wonderful morning and the children were all entranced and loved seeing and touching the animals. We have had lots of parents telling us today that their children did not stop talking about the animals when they got home on Friday!…”

CEIP Arrels I, Solsona

“… This visit helped us to start the school project in the classroom. We have been able to observe and evaluate very positively how the explanations, observations and experiences at the zoo have enriched: “Vocabulary, observation skills, has encouraged curiosity about the animals observed and more generally, respect for nature.”

Actividades para escuelas para que los alumnos conozcan animales de nuestro país.

150 animals of 55 native species currently live in the Zoo of the Pyrenees refuge. Getting to know these animals, victims of human action, sensitizes students to the need to protect the environment and at the same time awakens surprise and pride in our country’s natural wealth.