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Schools receive a large number of school-based workshop offers. But how to distinguish which workshops are of hight quality and which ones are just mediocre?

  • Looking for educational workshops with native animals that your students will fall in love with?
  • Do you have children in class who find it difficult to concentrate and interrupt the educational environment?
  • Do you work on projects about animals and you want to accompany classes with students’ personal experience?
  • Or do you just want to value the educational effort of your students with a distinguished and exceptional workshop?

If these characteristics match the workshop you are looking for, our offer is sure to please you!

Our offer of school workshops

Highlights of our school workshops?

The Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation will bring up to 15 wild animals directly to the classroom. In other words, your students will be in direct contact with animals and without going through the need to travel outside the school they will know:

  • Native wildlife
  • Protected species of Catalonia
  • Endangered species

Without a doubt, this description sounds like an impossible statement. To clarify your doubts: the Zoo of the Pyrenees is a unique institution at the state level. We work closely with the General Directorate of Environment of Catalonia and are the only private entity in Catalonia that can carry out school activities in which protected native animals participate.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring native wildlife workshops to your school’s classrooms. Students and their parents will appreciate it.

Which animals participate in the workshops?

The Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation is a wildlife refuge. Our tasks include rescuing, recovering and releasing wildlife. But some animals cannot return to nature even though we do our best. They are animals that suffer the consequences for life, either from injury or because they are animals that were separated from their parents when they were young and do not recognize its specie as their own.

Animals that need daily contact with people for their psychological well-being are the protagonists of school activities. It goes without saying that specimens are rigorously chosen for which transport in the car does not present any problem. Participating in workshops and interacting with students is completely natural for them (due to their disability) and getting to know them and their stories increases the awareness of young people towards the need to protect the environment.

By the way: if you want to get to know us first hand and get a real picture of our work before fully trusting us, you can visit us enjoying a discount on tickets to the Zoo of the Pyrenees. Here is the link with all the information:

Our school workshops are exceptional.
They allow students to come into direct contact with wild animals.
Allow your students this personal experience.
It will be appreciated not only by the students but also by their parents.